Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Think Happy.] Be Happy.

my latest inspiration board. - Mal

With portfolio as my main focus right now I need all of the inspiration and happy thoughts I can get. Last quarter I watched Criss stress over the same project and now I know why! Every bit of inspiration I find lately, I've been putting it to the side to eventually create a board for home, but for now - this will do... Think happy, Be happy. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Criss!


Criss' birthday card:

[front of the card]

[inside left]

[inside right]

[back of the card]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

simply put.

Mal wears a gold watch and elephant bracelet from Egypt, gifted to her by her boyfriend.


Criss wears Saks off Fifth layered bracelet paired with friendship bracelets. 

ah-mazing Asiscs sneakers, we spotted these from a mile away.

A glimpse of Mal and Criss at a local event alongside many fashionable people of the Queen City.
Mal and Criss

Monday, July 18, 2011

street style genius

Photo credit: First Thought Films / Zeitgeist Films
 Inspired by his ingenious photographs of candid street fashion, we look up to Bill Cunningham for his accomplishments and ability to capture the movement of fashion in NYC for over forty to fifty years...

Photo credit: First Thought Films / Zeitgeist Films

Photo credit: First Thought Films / Zeitgeist Films

A must see film, especially for Mal and Criss

Iris Apfel, former interior designer, fashion icon and one of Bill’s regular subjects.
Bill’s first spread for The New York Times, December 30, 1978.

Working as a writer for the Chicago Tribune, he contributed to fashion journalism, and introduced Azzedine Alaia and Jean-Paul Gaultier to American readers. Not only did Bill work at the tribune, he also contributed to Women's Wear Daily, during that time he began taking photographs of fashion on the streets of New York. "As the result of a chance photograph of Greta Garbo, he published a group of his impromptu pictures in the Times in December 1978, which soon became a regular series." - [as seen above]

"His first big catch was an accident. It was 1978, and a woman wearing a nutria coat had caught his eye. “I thought: ‘Look at the cut of that shoulder. It’s so beautiful,’ ” he later wrote. “And it was a plain coat, too. You’d look at it and think: ‘Oh, are you crazy? It’s nothing.’ ” Cunningham shot frame after frame of the coat, eventually noticing that other people on the sidewalk were paying attention to its wearer. It was Greta Garbo." 
- The New Yorker

This was the first time the paper had run a series of well known people without their permission. Designer Oscar de la Renta has said, “More than anyone else in the city, he has the whole visual history of the last 40 or 50 years of New York. It’s the total scope of fashion in the life of New York."

It only takes one look, or one subject to simply inspire a montage of photographs taken by Bill Cunningham, whether it be a simple detail in a coat, or the bold presence of a blue hair dye on a woman in her 70's. Bill Cunningham has been capturing street style in New York City for many years, and as fashion students, it was inevitable that one of these days we would be exploring his talents in relation to a class project. This quarter, my Special Topics in Fashion class will result in a street fashion page similar to that of Bill Cunningham's featured in the New York Times. The page must show initiative and perception through personal expression around social/cultural, thematic concept and be supported by research material/articles. The aftermath of the class will result in a deeper appreciation for how fashion tastes and styles both reflect and contribute to contemporary culture. Special Topics in Fashion focuses on an in depth view into the world of fashion through a sociological and psychological perspective. Criss and I will be introducing street fashion throughout the Charlotte area weekly. Moreover, we hope that through this study, we can get a localized view of how fashion impacts the Charlotte scene. 


Sites used for research and background information on Bill Cunningham: ZeitgeistfilmsThe New Yorker, and nymag.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


There is no better way to make a gloomy day bright and exuberantly cheerful than to let your 5 year old side kick go through your suitcase to orchestrate her own styling for a mini photo-shoot. The looks she put together were consistent from head to toe and I can't say I was all that surprised... however I did decide I would take a tip or two from her and share it with all of you!

Ok, so I kid you not... the styling, poses and overall look was not decided by myself. My 5 year old niece has always been obsessed with trying on my clothes/shoes/accessories each time I go home to NY. This time I couldn't help but bring her outside to take a few pictures!

photography by: Mal

Mckenzie is wearing: Guess heels, Ark&co. top, HOBO International clutch and Pier1 sunnies.


Love the look? Here's how you can copy Mckenzie's style...



Color blocking is the way to go when you want to make an impact - any time of year - make it fun, and keep it simple! This little stylista knew just how to pull it off.. I couldn't be a more proud! There's more where this came from - so be sure to check back to see what other inspired looks we have to share...

All images Copyright of MALANDCRISS.COM. Please ask permission before using. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A taste of [Seneca Lake] Serenity

the sunsets were stunning, as always!

I completely forgot my parents had this bike! My boyfriend and I took it for a cruise down the road before dinner and it was absolutely hilarious. I told my parents that I claim it as mine when ever they are ready to let it go... I wish I would have been able to take a picture of us on the bike.. I suggest any time you get a chance to ride one of these, that you don't pass it up! So much fun.


Jesse, my boyfriend is [like my Dad] one hell of a cook - which I am oh so thankful for considering my lack of cooking skills... These lobsters were DELISH! The worst part of course was watching him have to end their little lives...


Jesse & me... I'm wearing a J.Crew dress and Donna Karan vintage belt

My first ever sip of Lemoncello, aka Mocello - a recipe by my Aunt Mo - was delicious! 

These vintage glasses were given to my mom by my Nonnie's best friend. When she lived in England, people used to run up and down the streets selling coffee in these cups, my mom and I thought they would be PERFECT for serving Mocello. Hopefully some day, these glasses will end up in my possesion! [wink]

New York was amazing. Spending time with my family, being at the lake and being able to just lay back and relax for two weeks was perfection.[I definitely over-packed, as always] I have to admit I'm thrilled to be back, ready to start school again, and eager to get back to work on Mal and Criss. As always, Criss and I have plenty of projects in store to share with you... I've missed blogging!

Slainte [Cheers] to being back!

Friday, July 15, 2011

{It's the little things...}

It's the little things in life that makes us all happy. Taking cue from intricate details and attention to color is what brings anyone's personality to life. From the smallest items in my home, I present to you a series of photographs of what makes me happy.

photography by: Criss

a bowl of colorful paperclips.
the cutest little piggy bank to save spare change.
an eiffel tower miniature snow globe.
the details of a rounded picture frame.
white kitchen containers.
the coolest metallic brown vase I own.
turquoise beaded bracelet.
statement earrings from bcbg.
turquoise jewelry plate. 
golden roses picture frame.
drink coasters that are "oh so pretty."

So what in your home makes you happy?