Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tacos & Tourism

Ladies night in on a lovely Thursday evening...
led to tacos, tourism, and talk of inspiration.


"...the Roman god, Janus. My mother gave it to me when I was little. She wanted to teach me that people have two sides. A good side, a bad side, a past, a future. And that we must embrace both in someone we love. And I tried."

The food impeccable. The story captivating. The fashion exquisite...
 and the company, perfect!

Here's to you and yours, in the hopes that we inspire you to have multiple girls nights in, to celebrate good food & good company.

your girls,
Mal and Criss

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[show us your boots!]

We asked, and you shared! [April Showers Bring May Flowers]

"I bought my rainboots at Marshalls.  They are so cute that I could not say no to, and I just love the pink and green colors together! " 

Photos sent to us from our friend and fan @

"I love my rain boots because it is two styles in one: cowboy and rain..these boots were made for walking!
I purchased these boots off of ebay.
I love them with a great pair of jeans or a cute dress!"
Photo sent to us from our friend and fan Emma @

"When I'm outside indulging in Vogue, ELLE, teen vogue, teen vogue Style Handbook, Lauren Conrad Style and Amanda Brooks' I Heart Your Style, my Hunter boots have never felt so at home! Mal & Criss' "book" picture gave me the inspiration to organize myself and I can't stop taking pictures of them! My Hunters are one of my most prized possessions and when I have them on, I know spring has finally sprung! When April showers bring May flowers, step over the puddles in style."
Photos sent to us from our friend and fan Zoe @

botas clasicas desde Galicia, Spain 

Photo sent to us from our friend and fan Montse @

Thank you ladies for the photos of your fabulous boots!! We're so happy to have you share with us, and Zoe, we're delighted to hear we inspire you in more than one way!

your go-to-girls,
Mal and Criss

Monday, March 28, 2011

every era - it builds character...

 A video absolutely worth watching! Take a lesson from the pros!

"you don't want to look crazy, the object is to look as chic as you can... 
but, your average person in the street would NEVER wear this."

"Young women, you're going to be an old woman some day, Don't worry about it. Don't sweat it. Don't worry about getting older, every era - it builds character."

As we mentioned, take a lesson from these amazing ladies, be brave, do you, and don't let anything stop you from showing your true colors!!

A special thanks to  the GLAMOURAI  for sharing this video!

xx, love always,
your luxury loving ladies,

Mal and Criss

Rainy days and Mondays...

April is almost here and we want to know how YOU personalize your rainy days with your rain-boots!
Send us a picture of your rain-boots to to be featured on the blog! Tell us why you love your boots/where you bought them/how you style them up on gloomy, rainy days! 

Mal and Criss

A short feature film for Kate Spade...

buonasera loves! Mal here, Tina Brugnara (a dear friend of Criss and I) were assigned a designer promo video as a part of our fashion styling class. Already extremely inspired by Kate Spade and the tag line to "Live Color Fully" we couldn't help but represent the "utility, wit and playful sophistication" of Kate Spade. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do! With the best efforts to include the Kate Spade logo, we incorporated the ending scene from the "surprise ball new" video! 

Kate Spade's video's incorporate a lifestyle approach to the brand image of the company. A special thanks goes out to Kate Spade, Thank you for the inspiration and motivation you give fashion students such as ourselves that one day soon we will be achieving our dreams such as you have!

A Film by Mallory McLane (Mal) and Tina Brugnara for Kate Spade New York...

Model… Samonica Ngo

Head stylist… Tina Brugnara

Assistant Stylist… Mallory McLane

Creative Direction…
Tina Brugnara & Mallory McLane

Videographer…Mallory McLane

Tina Brugnara & Mallory McLane

Hair and Makeup…Bailey Lupton

Shea Wolf & Tina Brugnara

A Special Thanks To…Criseida Rico

Theme Song… Francais by Pink Martini

Stay tuned for inspirational images & stills from the day of the shoot!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Susie home-maker seeks inspiration...

Thinking about re-vamping your already fabulous apartment? Well it may just so be that one of us are as well! Check out these amazing apartment decorating ideas we found. Photos courtesy of coco+kelly (and a few thanks to Martha Stewart and Elle Decor)! Follow their blog for more fabulous ideas and adorable arrangements! Their blog posts are not only inspiring, they're informative and absolutely worth sitting in your favorite spot with your favorite cup of Starbucks for a few hours of "me-time" to soak up the goods!

Not only are the colors beautifully subtle and sweet, the simplicity of this room is superb!

We're loving the eclectic feel of mismatched frames, bold prints and vibrant color! 
Complimentary colors create a cohesive color palette to an amazingly comforting room!

Don't know what to do with all those old fashion magazines laying around? How about merchandise your home with them! Sprinkle some inspiration about your home for a personal and fashionable touch.

Again, hues of blue and orange make an appearance and the impact is HUGE!

We all know how fun it is to accessorize/merchandise up our outfit on a daily basis, but look at the impact it makes on your home!

We're thinking with a little vintage shopping mixed with Ikea and bargain shopping, we could create a look along these lines at an affordable budget! Absolutely loving the use of reds, oranges and yellows - gold is the perfect finishing touch here!

Green is everywhere. Outside and in modern day 2011. Go Green!

Check out the use of blue and orange here! Who would have thought?!

Eclectic galore. Need we say more?

Attention to detail is always impactful, we're loving this room for it's cozy casual appeal!

Simple yet feminine, this embodies everything that we love.

How cute is this room! Fuschia flowers and yellow chairs, such an adorable color palette.

Who says your room has to match perfectly? A perfect example of why mixing and matching is always a genius idea.

The most underused furniture piece can transform any room. Bookshelves! That can also be quite inexpensive and excellent for that budget.

Purple. Always a perfect color choice for a bedroom. Add a lavender scent and you have your perfect getaway oasis.

If Alice from Alice in Wonderland had a living room. This would be it! Do you not agree?

Mixing and matching frames! So very inexpensive. Just check out any thrift shop to pick some of these for yourself! De-construct and paint! And you have a fantastic accent wall!

Bold pieces, vibrant colors, and a mixture of patterns always livens up a dull room.
your girls
Mal and Criss

Thursday, March 17, 2011

turquoise makes an appearance... from North to South

Share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and comments on the new logo! 
What's your vote? Yay or Nay? 

your girls
Mal and Criss

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a deeper look...

Every day we are inspired by what is going on around us to do something fantastic; There isn't a moment that goes by without us calling or texting each other to say, "I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA!" Being in New York, was no exception to the rule...

Stay tuned, and just wait to see where we take these inspirational pictures we photographed while walking the busy streets of NYC...

Mal and Criss